Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Hump Day Haul: #lushloot

Nobody likes hump day (unless you work shift and Wednesday is really a Friday..) so I like to do some retail therapy to get me through it. Yesterday's smallish haul was particularly fitting - some goodies from Lush which I like to call #lushloot. If you've picked up anything from Lush lately or have a Lush stash at home, I'd love to see it. Instagram or Tweet me at @peachsbeauty and hashtag #lushloot and let's make it a thing! (Also tag @lushaustralasia if you want so we can let them know how much we love their stuff.)

I say this haul was particularly fitting because yesterday was a really long work day (and it was only Tuesday omg..) AND I had a toothache (still do - beginning to develop a panadol addiction..) so a Lush bubble bath would have been amazing but unfortunately I didn't get time to have one so *fingers crossed* hopefully tonight I will. Anyway, here's what I picked up - mostly stuff from their limited edition Easter collection but a couple of other things as well and I didn't get any of their giant bath eggs because I smelt them and they weren't really my thing and they were like $11.something each but if you've tried them and you think they're totally worth it let me know!!

- Hoppy Easter with Bunny Knot-Wrap, Candy Fluffy Egg Bath Bomb ($5.50), Carrot Bubble Bar ($8.95) for $13.95.
- The Bright Side Bubble Bar for ($6.90)
- Egg Hunt Soap for $5.75/100g
- Always Look on the Bright Side Bubble Bar for $6.90
- Twilight Bath Bomb for $5.95
- Shine So Bright Hair Balm for $7.50
The Easter range was available online from March 15 and apparently available in stores from March 21 but I know a lot of stores had them available from the end of last week! Eye candy is below as I'm blogging this from my Blogger app and it doesn't let you place images anywhere else (also apologies beforehand for any weird auto correcting or formating p.s. if any links don't work pls let me know)

And a little something something: I went to the Melbourne Central shop to pick up these goodies because it's near the bus stop (and it wasn't my first time there). TBH I'm usually the type of shopper who likes to be left alone. Sometimes I like assistance and I will ask for it but for the most part, I'm happy to touch and sniff on my own. So, I completely didn't mind when the SA was deep in conversation with an ex-colleague and totally ignored me even when the other person said 'I should probably let you go'.. Anyway, I just wanted to let you know that if you're a shopper who needs assistance and likes to talk to the SA I would suggest going to the Swanston St store, I think its more popular, there are more SAs and even when they're totally swamped they'll still try and get around to everyone (:

Happy Hump Day!

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Much love, peach.
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