Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Maybelline Baby Lips // TightAss Tuesday #1

Welcome to TightAss Tuesday!  Every Tuesday (hopefully) I'll do a post on my favourite product under $5. I'll make sure your last fiver gets put to good use (: 

Today is a super duper bonus 5 IN 1 post on my favourite lip balms, Maybelline Baby Lips. So, let's go through some of my Baby Lips collection and the different types that are out there now.

From left to right:
1. Baby Lips Original - Berry  SPF20 (Asia & Oceania)
I have one in every 'flavour', they're just hanging out in a handbag somewhere.. They're all the same: super moisturising, nicely scented, completely clear but gives a slight shine - best drugstore lip balm.
$3.95 for 4g

2. Baby Lips Original - Pink Punch SPF20 (USA)
I have this pink one and the purple one. I'm wearing the pink one at the bottom (fish lips!) and it's the left swatch on my hand. They're not as moisturising as the colourless ones but they don't dry out my lips or make them peel either. They're actually quite pigmented and give a really nice shine. The purple one is not very pigmented i.e. it does not make your lips look purple, just gives a nice shine.
US$2.97 for 4.4g

3. & 4. Baby Lips Glow Pink Blast & Baby Pink 
No SPF with these, not sure why. The balm is supposed to have a slight pink tint which isn't coming up on the photo. Despite this tint, the balm is completely clear, if you're wearing a pink lipstick, it will bring out the 'pinkness' a little bit more and add some shine. It's still moisturising however without the SPF you might as well go with the original.
$3.95 for 4g

5. Baby Lips Colour - Berry Crush SPF16
These are most similar to the USA Baby Lips in that they do have some colour - swatched at the bottom on the right. Unfortunately, this particular one does dry out my lips (although it still lives in my bag and I use it everyday on the tram cos it's quick and easy..)
$3.95 for 4g

Do the Maybelline Baby Lips deserve your last fiver? Let me know! If you can suggest a great find under five leave me a comment below! xx

much love,

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