Monday, 10 June 2013

Aphelia Cosmetology + GIVEAWAY! // Skincare Sunday #1

Today I'm doing a review on some products Aphelia Cosmetology sent me and there'll also be a giveaway so keep reading for details!

Products mentioned:
Fusion Herbal Dark Circle Treatment Essence
Oasis Acne Treatment Essence
Luminance Whitening & Lightening Creme
Peony Advanced Beautifying Eye Creme Specifically For Eye Fine Lines

What you could win - Giveaway prize!

 photo 130609-01_zpsaf38eb27.jpg

The Origin of Beauty Set includes:
- Peony advanced eye cream anti-wrinkle and fine line eye cream
- Fusion dark circle under eye treatment redresses the appearance of dark circles under eyes, lightening and brightening the eye area
- Merlin ultimate skin perfecting cream for wrinkles and fine lines with 10 oriental concentrates complemented with 5 modern cosmetic essentials
- Luminance for diminishing pigmentation, dark spot, redness, age spots, sun spots and redress acne scarring. Perfection in skin perfection for even skin tone
- Oasisa potent defence against acneand adult acne.
- Purify Classic a cleanser prized for its sebum removal and make up removal. It promises transparency and radiance to fatigued skin

2 ways to enter ~
1-BLOG (using rafflecopter)
a. Subscribe to peachsbeautyfamily
b. Like my Skincare Sunday: Aphelia Cosmetology video
c. Leave a comment on the video telling me what if your favourite skincare product/tip/method

Giveaway Details:
| Aphelia has made this giveaway open to Australia only - sorry my international readers :(
| If you are 16 or under, please get permission from your parents as I will require your address if you win.
| Aphelia Costmetology will be responsible for sending out The Origin of Beauty set.
| This giveaway ends on midnight 30th of June, 2013 AEST (Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra you know).
| The winner will be drawn shortly after and announced on my blog, twitter and instagram. I will also email the winner and they have 48 hours to respond with their address. If I don't hear anything from them in this time, I will pick another winner and again they have 48 hours.
| NOTE: This giveaway is running on both youtube and my blog, which means that yes, you can enter at both places. It also means that the ONE winner may be either someone who enters from the youtube video or someone who enters through rafflecopter on my blog. There will not be a winner drawn from both places.. I hope that makes sense. Feel free to leave me a comment/email/message if any of the rules or details of the giveaway aren't clear to you.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Good luck guys and I look forward to reading all your skincare tips!

xx peachsbeauty

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Products featured in this post were provided for consideration by Aphelia Cosmetology. Reviews and opinions are always my own and 100% honest. Thank you for reading.


  1. My favourite skincare product at the moment is rosehip oil- in particular the one from Trilogy with antioxidants! I love how it is quite affordable and lasts for so long- it gives the hydration my dry skin needs in the winter months :)

    1. I just discovered Rosehip Oil and it's amazing! Just using a cheapish one but will definitely look it other brands. Have heard lots of good things about the Trilogy one xx

  2. I love oils at the moment because my skin has been so dry. I use rosehip or coconut oil on my skin. Sometimes I mix it with my moisturiser before bed :)


    1. Loving rosehip oil now too! I have coconut oil but am still a bit scared to try it on my face. Maybe I'll try it as a mask first before I leave it on as a moisturiser. x

  3. Whenever I have dull dry looking skin I make a mix of olive oil, a few drops of vitamin e and honey and wear it on my face as a mask. It makes my skin glow, hydrated and soft :D

    1. and my email is

    2. Ooh great tip. My skin has been really dry, dull and flaky lately due to this super cold weather. I have all those ingredients, so I'll probably try the mask tonight. xx

  4. Am loving coconut oil at the moment - for removing my makeup as well as a great winter moisturiser.

    Kayte @

    1. From what I'm reading in the comments, oil is now all the rage! Can't wait to try out all the uses for coconut oil x

  5. I recently started using toner and I love how clean it makes my skin feel.

    1. Love a great toner. I recently learnt that you should tone twice - once to take out (impurities, dirt, excess cleanser) and once to add (moisture, hydration, nourish). Might be especially important now that it's Winter here (:

  6. I love Estee Lauders Advanced Night Repair, but since being pregnant, I've been using Rosehip Oil, which is amazing too, especially now that we're heading towards winter!

  7. My ultimate favourite skincare product is my moisturiser which is the Cetaphil gentle skin moisturiser! It just gives my skin the perfect moisture to withstand the winter weather since the cold makes my skin super dry and flakey! It just looks yuck but with this moisturiser it... just.. *speechless* lol XD

    Anyways, thank you for hosting this giveaway!

  8. My favourite skincare product at the moment is rosehip oil- in particular the one from Trilogy with antioxidants! I love how it is quite affordable and lasts for so long- it gives the hydration my dry skin needs in the winter months


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