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Skincare Routine - Winter '13 // Skincare Sunday #2

If you've read my latest TalkBack Thursday (#2) post, you'll know that I've discovered two products which I believe has been keeping my skin clear lately. So, I'm going to share with you my current skincare routine for Winter 2013. Hope you enjoy!

Note: I started doing this exact routine two weeks ago when it started getting very cold and my skin got very dry and flaky. I have been using the majority of these products for two months, I just switched out my toners two weeks ago.

Cleanse | Sorbolene + warmish micro-fibre cloth ( not shown as I had people over and they were already giving me weird looks when I started lining up my skincare products...)
Tone to remove | LUSH Tea Tree Water on a Daiso Cotton Pad
(I used to use Witch Hazel Toner)
Tone to add | SK-II
Eye roller | Aphelia Dark Circle Treatment Essence *
'Serum' | 4 drops Rosehip Oil + Aphelia Whitening & Lightening Creme *
Eye cream | Aphelia Beautifying Eye Creme *
Moisturiser | LUSH Celestial

Remove makeup | Maybelline Express Care Eye Makeup Remover
Cleanse | Michael Todd Honey & Oat Gentle Deep Pore Cleanser + Clarisonic
Daiso Cold Cream + Q-tip to remove any excess eye makeup

Tone to remove | LUSH Tea Tree Toner on a Daiso Cotton Pad
(I used to use Witch Hazel Toner)
Tone to add | SK-II
Eye roller | Aphelia Dark Circle Treatment Essence *
'Serum' | 4 drops Rosehip Oil + Aphelia Whitening & Lightening Creme *
Eye cream | Aphelia Beautifying Eye Creme *
Moisturiser | LUSH Celestial

Love using Sorbolene in the morning as it's super gentle while the cloth provides some very mild exfoliation (dry flaky skin be gone!) LUSH Tea Tree Water is more gentler than Witch Hazel but still feels refreshing. Just started using SK-II and my skin might be firmer.. but we'll have to see if there are any real results. I have reviews on the Aphelia products *: here. I discovered LUSH Celestial last year when I moved to Melbourne in the middle of Winter and my skin freaked out by being super dry, sensitive, itchy and red. Celestial is perfect for anyone which sensitive and irritated skin. It just covers and smooths over your dry patches to really calm them down. It is a bit on the thick side and doesn't sink in super quickly but it really is for skin that is dehydrated and irritated. It smells to me like vanilla ice cream (:

The two products I believe that have truly done wonders for my skin and stopped my breakouts are ... Michael Todd Honey & Oat Gentle Deep Pore Cleanser + Rosehip Oil. They are the only two products that I started using when my breakouts stopped and I have never tried them before. Of course, it could be the routine as a whole but as soon as I started using the Rosehip Oil, my skin felt different immediately. From that first day, my breakouts stopped and I just felt like my skin was being nourished and treated with kindness (sounds strange but that's just how I personally felt). Not sure exactly what was happening on a cellular level, on a medical perspective but I can only say what I saw and what my skin felt like.

Michel Todd's Honey & Oat Cleanser just leaves your skin feeling super smooth, especially used with my Clarisonic. It removes all traces of makeup, doesn't dry out your skin and uses organic ingredients. I didn't want to believe the hype. I heard all the sponsored reviews but this is the first MT product that I've tried (purchased 100% by yours truly) and I really really like it. I have picked up a whole lot more products from the website and Ozsale and I can't wait to start trying everything.

If you'd like to see full reviews on anything I've mentioned today just leave me a comment below!

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