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Review: Kanebo Suisai Beauty Clear Powder | my gift to you | peachsbeauty

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I've been hearing a bit about the Suisai Beauty Clear Powder here and there for a while now (it's definitely not a new product) but I've never been able to find a lot of information about it since it's a Japanese product. I decided to pick up a trial pack (15pc instead of the standard 32pc packaging) when I was in Japan to see for myself what this beauty powder was all about. All that I knew about it was that it was a powder, which I assume you mix with water to create a foam that you use to clean your face. It potentially had some exfoliating/deep cleansing properties which would leave your skin smooth and brighter (like all Japanese skincare). If you know any more specific details, e.g. ingredients etc. please leave me a comment!

Review: suisai beauty powder | my gift to you | peachsbeauty | bit.ly/peachsblog

[Note - I still don't know much about the product but here are my thoughts]

Application... is very simple and self-explanatory. Pour the powder into the palm of your hands and slowly start adding water to it. Rub your hands together to create some foam and gently wash your face in circular motions (or up and down motions.. the motions don't matter haha). Continue for about a minute, adding more water if required (it will keep foaming!), then rinse off. You should end up with quite smooth, clean feeling skin, especially in the pores and not a hint of tightness or dryness.

If you'd really like to take it up a notch, use the beauty powder with your Clarisonic or other facial cleansing tool/brush. Apply the foam to your face first then clean away. It will leave your skin feeling so soft and like every single bit of gunk has been extracted out of your pores without stripping your skin of its moisture or natural oils.

Scent... is soapy?

Results... were very surprising - surprisingly good of course. I really didn't know what to expect with this product since I wasn't able to read anything on the packaging or find any solid information online. I found that the smooth, clean pore feeling lasted for a week with a gentle scrub during the week to get rid of some of the dead skin buildup (more of an issue for me with my dry skin).

Recommend... this for anyone and everyone! It really is quite amazing how it's able to be so deep cleansing but extremely gentle at the same time. I really like the packaging as well so you know exactly how much to use and it's literally made for travelling.

Name: Kanebo Suisai Beauty Clear Powder
Price: Y1,000 for 15pc in Japan or $32.95 for 32pc at BlushMeUp bit.ly/1K69SSg (0.4g in each pod)
Rating: ✿✿✿✿✿

Have you ever tried this beauty powder, or something similar? Every comment on my April posts counts as an entry into my Birthday giveaway on 30.04.15!

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