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Review: Laneige BB Cushion SPF50+ PA++ | my gift to you | peachsbeauty

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I mentioned in my 'What's in My Travel Bag' video [watch] that I'd be trying out the Laneige BB Cushion on my little Melbourne getaway and report back, so here's my review. I actually picked this up in Hong Kong because my boyfriend's cousin asked me to pick one up for her and being the true makeup junkie that I am, I popped one in the basket for me too (as you do).

Laneige BB Cushion 13 True Beige Review | my gift to you | bit.ly/peachsblog

What I think of Laneige's 6 claims:
* Whitening: It does brighten the skin a little with its natural finish but haven't use it consistently enough to notice any long term whitening effects.
* Moisturising: It does feel very moisturising and comfortable on my normal/dry skin and doesn't accentuate any dryness or flakiness at all.
* Sunscreen: SPF50+ is always good for during the day.
* Water Resistant: Can't really vouch for that. You will lose some coverage if you're sweating but it does wear off nicely and not in patches.
* Soothing: You can feel a cooling sensation when I applied with the sponge provided and it feels pretty soothing to me.
* Makeup Effects: It certainly gives a very pretty skin-like buildable medium coverage.

Application... I tried two application methods with the BB Cushion: the sponge that it came with and a Kabuki style brush (Sigma F84 Angled Kabuki - bit.ly/1FDiEiM~ used in the demo below. I actually prefer the Sigma F80 Flat Kabuki - bit.ly/1I7C1TS~ as it fits perfectly in the compact). The image below shows my bare face and what the compact looks like inside (more on the packaging later). 
Laneige BB Cushion 13 True Beige Review | my gift to you | bit.ly/peachsblog
The top left photo below shows one layer of product on the left side of my face (your left) and the photo below shows two layers, as applied with the sponge provided. When applying, you'll notice that the sponge has a cooling effect on your skin which is awesome and unlike any other sponge I have ever used before. It's a shame that you only get one sponge per pack although it doesn't stain/absorb product so it does stay fairly clean. Still remember to give it a gentle wash every week or two as you would a normal brush.

The coverage that you get from the sponge is pretty good, buildable medium coverage with two layers. That's about the amount of coverage I would expect from such a lightweight BB-type liquid product where your skin still looks like skin but the majority of your imperfections are no longer there. Some concealing can always be done if required.

The top right and bottom right photo below shows one and two layers of the product respectively applied with an Angled Kabuki brush on the right side of my face (your right). The coverage is less than with the sponge as the brush will absorb some of the product. There is a lot more redness and imperfections showing through as the brush blends out the product too much to build decent coverage. My preferred and recommended method of application would definitely be the sponge.

Wear... To be honest the lasting power is the only con with this product. I will admit that it wears off nicely, so no blotchiness or streaking but just more of my imperfections/redness showing throughout the day. I can get about six hours without setting but if I'm in a really humid or sweaty environment, all bets are off. It's also not transfer resistant so setting it probably is the way to go although the natural skin-like finish is very nice. The compact makes it very easy to touchup throughout the day if needed and it just depends on your skin-type whether you sacrifice longevity (setting) for the finish. You might find that on combination skin, it wears off within four hours so you would rather set than have to touchup every four hours. I'm probably making it sound worse than it is but it just happened to be fairly hot most of the days I tried this and for the other days the product actually lasted just fine on me.

Scent... There is a slightly sweet floral scent which you'll notice during application but it doesn't linger and is actually quite pleasant. 

Packaging... It comes in a typical refillable Cushion compact, although maybe a little bit bulkier than some. You get two 15g refillable cartridges, a compact and sponge per box. It has a nice big mirror and a lid over the 'BB Cushion' to separate the application sponge. The packaging is white with silver trim, which is very chic. 

Recommend... this for mostly people with normal to dry/very dry skin. I did not notice it accentuating or drying out my skin at all and it does feel fairly moisturising. This compact is great for travelling as you don't need anything else for applications/touchups, gives you enough SPF during the day and is so lightweight and comfortable to wear on your skin. I probably wouldn't use it as an everyday base at home just because it's not the cheapest BB cream/tinted moisturiser out there. As with all BB Creams, you can also use this as a primer/tinted SPF and go over the top with a foundation to add some extra coverage and increase longevity.

Name: Laneige BB Cushion SPF50+ PA++
Price: HKD320 in HK stores | $50 at Cosme-de bit.ly/1zbjS2C~
Rating: ✿✿✿✿
More about cushion/cooling sponge technology: bit.ly/1Ou3BPe - I found the most information in English on Laneige's Singapore site.

Have you jumped onto the 'Cushion' bandwagon yet? Even my mum has! She was telling me all about her 'History of Whoo Cushion Foundation' like it was the best thing since sliced bread and I was like yeah.. I have one too. Hahaha, love to know if you've tried any cushion products! 

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