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Teas // Talkback Thursday #1

TalkBack Thursday is back and today we're talking about teas. I personally love teas and I have to have my English Breaksfast tea every morning or else I literally can't function. I never understood why some people 'couldn't live' without coffee. I used to always think "it's just a beverage how can it have such a hold on your life.." until I became addicted to tea and now everyone knows that if I don't have my cup of English Breakfast or Melbourne Breakfast or some sort of tea in the morning, I get very cranky and irritated at the strike of 11'o clock. So this is my current tea collection and I have a few more left in Sydney which I'll also talk about.

I'd love to know if you're a tea or coffee person (or both)! My boss is Italian and he keeps trying to convert me to drinking coffee.. It's not that I don't like coffee but I don't drink milk.. and if you've ever tried coffee with soy or even rice milk it's really not the best.. so I end up getting a long black and because there's no milk, there's nothing really to hide behind so it has to be really good quality coffee. And you're just never sure if you're going to get good coffee or long story short, I stick to tea.

peachsbeauty - Tea Collection
My Tea Collection (:

|| Tea Tonic - Oriental Twist
This is one of the two I picked up from the Sydney Easter Show, they usually have a stand at the Woolworth's Dome every year. This tea tastes so good I even got my bf hooked onto it and it's a blend of Lychee, Jasmine and Green tea. Tea Tonic is great and I would recommend all their teas, depending on your taste preference.
This is the only one I picked up and while it's not the best tasting it does have a blend of Red Clover, Nettle, Dandelion Leaf, Calendula & Burdock which is supposed to give you a luminous glow. It doesn't taste bad by any means and I still drink it alone although they say you can add lemon if desired.
|| Lipton Green Tea
Not much to say, just your generic green tea. I wouldn't really recommend unless you're not able to access anything else.
This is a great twist on your traditional English Breakfast tea. I like to treat myself on weekends to a cup of this in the morning. The vanilla and honey infused black tea has a really warm flavour and I drink it with a little rice milk.
|| T2 Sleep Tight
I sometimes have trouble sleeping so I thought I'd give this tea a go. It's lemony with rose, lavender and jasmine which is the perfect combination to calm and soothe.While I can't say that it necessarily knocks me out, it's definitely a great way to end the day.
|| T2 Lemongrass & Ginger
This is a 'spicy' tea and I love it when I'm feeling under the weather. I know traditional ginger tea is very good for your health (my mum used to always make me drink it when I had the flu or had been caught out in the rain.. she added rock sugar to make it taste a bit more pleasant). T2 have added lemongrass to balance out the ginger.
|| T2 White Jasmine
This was one of my first teas from T2 and I was drawn in by the fragrance - I love jasmine anything. I will always come back to this tea as it has a special place in my heart.
|| T2 Gorgeous Geisha
I would describe this tea as fun. It's infused with strawberry and cream, like candy in your green tea and great to drink if you need to inject a bit of fun or interest to your day. It's not too sweet or sickening at all, just a hint of strawberry flavour.
|| T2 Orange Pecko
Haven't actually tried this yet because it was a sample a got by joining the Tea Society. From what I've read, it's in the black tea family with a hint of sugar cane and sweet sultanas.
|| Kirkland Green Tea (from Costco)
This tastes exactly like Japanese Matcha Green Tea, the kind that you get at sushi places. I even made green tea ice cream with this and while I didn't get the texture quite perfect (it was my first try at home made ice cream.. and without a machine too!) everyone still loved the taste and it was polished off within days.
|| Dilmah Ceylon Tea
Dilmah makes the best teas that are readily available and because it is so affordable, I have a cup of this with a little rice milk every morning without fail. I alternative between Ceylon and English Breakfast.
|| Nerada Tea
I got this 10 pack from a showbag at the Easter show and I have yet to try it. I have tried Nerada Orgnics Herbal Infusions and they were nice.
|| Diplomat Chamomile Tea (from Aldi)
Super affordable simple chamomile tea, great for evenings to calm and relax. Perfect for everyday use (whereas I like to save T2 Sleep Tight for when I need extra relaxation after a stressful day).
|| Diplomat English Breakfast Tea (from Aldi)
Picked this up in a pinch when I ran out of my Dilmah. Can't really compare but for the price, really can't say anything bad about it.

So that's my tea collection! I hope you'll try out some of my favourites and let me know what you thought. I'd love hear your tea (or coffee) suggestions and try out some new tastes.




  1. Omg. There's a tea society?! 8D Where can I sign up haha.

    I've been devouring Lipton's Green/Mint Tea mix these past few weeks, but I really want to try T2s Gorgeous Geisha. Sounds really nice, plus how can you go wrong with strawberries and cream?

    Beauty Challenged

    1. LOL Tea Society is what T2 calls their membership thing.

      Georgeous Geisha IS really nice! It's not super sweet or like a fruit tea. It still keep the green tea flavour but with a hint of strawberry - love it (:


  2. Great post! I am hosting an Oasap giveaway! Check it out here! :)

    -♡ Valerie Angel


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