Tuesday, 12 June 2012

"Tell Me About Yourself" Award & 7 Random Facts

Hi Beauty Loverrs,

Quite a while ago, I was awarded the "Tell Me About Yourself" Award by Valerie Angel {click the link to check out her awesome blog!} She's beautiful and her posts are always a great read :)
I'm spreading the love to the five gorgeous blogs below ...

1. Rebecca from easydress.org
2. Sarah from glamourpussgirl
3. Ms Jelena
4. Billi from MsBilliLilli
5. Rachel from Beauty Behind the Imperfections

7 Random Facts
a | My favourite colour is red.
b | I speak Shanghainese, Chinese and (obviously) English :)
c | I am a chronic hoarder ..
d | I have a background in architecture &
e | Am currently studying Masters of Arts Administration.
f | My favourite food is watermelon.
g | The most famous person I've ever met is Miranda Kerr (she's so down to earth)



  1. Omgsh, you've met Miranda Kerr?! How lucky! ...but I would probs rather meet her man- Orlando Bloom!! hehe :P

    1. lol yea she was with her baby at the airport, so cute! I think Orlando was on a different flight.



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