Saturday, 22 December 2012

TalkBack Thursday #2

(because I don't have the answers to everything)

Every Thursday I'm going to ask you lovely viewers a question. There may also be a chance to win something [:

Which reminds me, last week's winner has been contacted and she will be receiving her bottle of TN Dickinson's Witch Hazel Toner very shortly!

(Sorry, I haven't posted since last week! We've had people over from Perth and I've been busy showing them around Melbourne.. Even though I'm a tourist here myself)

Q: What are your current favourite TV shows?

So this question isn't exactly beauty related but I have been getting into some new shows recently I thought I would share with you and you can tell me what some of your favourite shows are. In no particular order at all..

1. Revenge 4/5
Set in the Hamptons, a daughter sets out to avenge her father's downfall and eventual death. In the midst of a story immersed in beauty, wealth and status, Emily Thorne, is anything but what she seems.
Season one is over in Australia but there's just enough time to catchup before Season two starts! I personally think season two is better but my friend disagrees so you can be the judge.

2. Arrow 4.5/5
Billionaire’s son, Oliver Queen has be living on a remote island for the past five years after his family’s boat capsized in a storm.
Latest TV show obsession! Only downside, not as many hot people as I would’ve liked.

3. Hart of Dixie 4/5
New York doctor, Zoe Hart (Rachel Bilson!) recently moved to small-town Bluebell, Alabama to work as a General Practitioner and finding love, lust and friends along the way.
MUST SEE if you’re a lover of the OC.

4. Nikita 5/5
Nikita is a rogue assassin set out to bring down the organisation who trained her. An oldie but a goodie. My friends actually don’t like this show for some reason but it’s awesome and almost everyone is hawt!

Other mentions:
• 2 Broke Girls - still funny but not as into it as I was before.
• New Girl – season 2 isn’t has funny. Jess should just get with Nick and be over and done with. Cece is hot.
• Modern Family – need I say more.
• Last Resort – JUST started watching this. So far so good!
• The Walking Dead – I almost forgot, but season two has ended and it doesn’t start up again until February so get catching up if you haven’t watched this before!

PS These are just my summaries and opinions of the shows, and I am by no means a qualified critique. Even amongst my friends, we argue about which shows are better. Also, I really didn't want to say a lot to spoil the plot. Please click on the link if you would like to know more [:

So, let me know your favourite tv shows and I look forward to reading your suggestions! :) xo
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  1. I love:
    - Once Upon a Time: fairytales!
    - Community: funny stuff
    - Friends: now who doesn't love Friends?
    - Breaking Bad: so intense
    - New Girl
    - The Walking Dead
    - Revenge
    - Modern Family
    I have a fair few of yours there, I think I'll check out some of your suggestions!

    I've been meaning to get onto:
    - Mad Men
    - Pretty Little Liars
    - Two Broke Girls

    I have so many more I want to start many to watch in so little time! I wish I could simultaneously watch shows and do other activities, would be so handy.

    Hope your weekend is great so far :)

    1. Thanks for your suggestions!

      I love Pretty Little Liars, but I think they're on break at the moment so I can't wait for them to start again.

      Hope you had a great Christmas xo


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