Wednesday, 27 February 2013

DFO Haul + Update

Wow, I pretty much missed the entire month of February.. I'm disappointed that I #EPICFailed the 28 Day Blog Challenge after only two days into it. That's shocking.. but since I haven't been blogging. What have I been doing?

I started a new job three weeks ago and I have pretty much been trying to get used to working full time again. I have no idea how I used to work 10hrs a day and manage to graduate.. but it just goes to show that I've slackened off heaps if I can't manage to work a normal full time hours and blog every so often.. But enough of the boring excuses here's a haul (:

Since there's only one thing to do with your first pay cheque (spend it duh) I went for a little bit of a shopping trip to DFO. I didn't really go crazy. There were a few good sales on at Forever New and of course I couldn't resist the cosmetics and fragrances outlet but overall it was probably one of my more conservative shopping trip. Hope you enjoy xx