Monday, 16 June 2014

My Fortnight Face - #FOTF #1

I'm starting a new blog series called The Fortnight Face to try and force myself to rotate the makeup products that I use on a daily basis and make sure that nothing goes to waste or forgotten and also remind myself to try new products that I've hauled because I have a very bad habit (and people who know me IRL actually know this about me) that I get super excited when I buy stuff, I take it home, swatch it, put it back in its box and it'll sit there for some time.. until I force myself away from what I'm familiar with to try the new products. I'm a Taurus so we don't like change and I'll often have conflicts with the makeup addict/hoarder side of me..

So for the past two weeks I have been trying out the products above, listed below. Some are oldies (as you can tell by the pan) and some are new. I'll give a mini review on what I think about them and if they will remain in my next fortnightly face routine or if they have been eliminated.. but may be brought back as a wild card. (I Obviously watch too much reality tv..)

- Kosmea Replenishing Moisture Cream - 3/5 - [link]
I like to use a moisturiser before I apply my makeup, even though I already use a moisturiser as part of my skincare routine because my normal/dry skin will just absorb my foundation if I don't. This was a good product for this purpose but not enough hydration for me to use as just a moisturiser. Finished this so it's sitting in my Empties bin at the moment.

- MAC Prep + Prime Face Protect Protection Visage SPF 50 - 4/5 - [link]
I really noticed the benefit of using a primer with this product. One day I was totally late and didn't use this and my base all around my mouth and where my glasses sat had just disappeared. Of course the SPF 50 is a great bonus. Definitely going to the next round..until I get bored of it.

- Urban Decay Primer Potion - 4/5 - [link]
(Not shown) because it is so grungy looking. All the purple colour on the outside had disintegrated and it was on its way out so another one in the Empties bin. It was a great lid primer, lasted me a looong time and it really did stop shadows from creasing and fading.

- NYX 10 Colour Eyeshadow Palette: Bubbles & Caviar - 3.5/5 -
Simple, affordable, versatile neutral palette which is unfortunately discontinued now but they have so many new palettes I'm sure you can find something similar. I change my shadows regularly (even though they're the same colours..) so moving on.

- Rimmel ScandalEyes Waterproof Kohl Kajal: 012 Bronze - 3.5/5 - [review - link]
Really great pencil liner, especially for tightlining and smudging but once it sets, it won't budge. Read my review to see the proof! Liked it but I'm bored, moving onto something else for the next two weeks.

- Revlon PhotoReady Concealer 003 - 4.5/5 - [link]
Probably my favourite concealer and the only one I have a back up for. I think it's for under the eyes which is what I mainly use it for but I'll still use it on redness and spots. Super creamy, blendable, non-creasing and this colour is very yellow and a touch too dark for me which really helps to cover the darkness under the eyes when blended out. Trying out a new concealer palette for the next two weeks and stay tuned for a review ;)

- Australis Makeup Finishing Spritz - 3.5/5 - [link]
Basic makeup spray that I use to slightly moisten my brush/sponge to help blend foundation and after application just to avoid powder face. I have about a quarter left so I'll keep using this until I'm done.

- Etude House BB Cream Bright Fit W13- 3/5 - [link]
I'm very on the fence about the two Etude House BB creams I have tried. I won't get into it here but this one had good coverage with a satin finish which I really liked but the lasting power was not good at all without a primer and it may have clogged my pores a little bit. I'm going to try a foundation again for two weeks and see how I go.

- Lacura Minerals Powder: Transparent - 3.5/5 -
I picked this up from Aldi a while ago recommended by my mum and I actually really like it except it's really messy because the packaging isn't great so you could never take it with you. It really sets my makeup so it's smooth to touch and there are tiny tiny shimmer particles that you can't see on the skin but just reflects light to blur imperfections. Definitely staying in the routine (although I do have tonnes of powder I need to use..)

- Milani Baked Blush: 08 Coralina - 3.5/5 - [link]
This blush is my way of holding on summer.. I place it just above my bronzer and blend it in so it's like a bronzy coral that's not that bright. It's also super shimmery but most of the shimmer falls away so it's not that scary. Love it but I will be delving into my cream blushes in the next few weeks.

- Revlon PhotoReady Bronzer - 4/5 - [link]
I've loved this since Emily Noel first raved about it and I was so excited when I hit pan but I'll be using some different bronzers in the following weeks to compare and maybe hit pan on them too! It's a really great matte bronzer for contouring and versatile too because I often use the colours in my crease.

- Rimmel Lash Accelerator Endless: 001 Black - 4.5/5 [link]
Absolutely love this mascara, creates the appearance of a million lashes and of course gives length. I really need to do a review and compare this with my current HG, Maybelline Falsies. I'll be trying out a different mascara in the next few weeks.

- Daiso Styling Eyebrow Pencil - 2.5/5 -
I really like Daiso eyebrow pencils because they're just super affordable. I wanted to try a grey one because sometimes brown warms can come up too warm for my black hair but I felt like this was maybe too grey if I used too much product.. like I had ageing eyebrows. So I'll finish it but I won't repurchase.

- L.A Colors Auto Lip Liner: Mauve - 3/5 - [link]
I'm using this because I lost the lid.. as I do with so many of my products.. It's like a mauvy mlbb colour which works well with nude/mauve/pinky neutral lipsticks so it's fairly versatile and great for winter.

- NYX Round Lipstick: Summer Love - 3/5 - [link]
A nude lipstick that doesn't make you look dead is my kind of lipstick. Really getting back into the nudes lately and this one has a bit of shimmer to add some dimension.

- NYX Mega Shine Lip Gloss: Sweet Heart - 3.5/5 - [link]
Finally I topped it off with a lipgloss for some extra shine and this one smells lovely and is super pigmented and creamy so you could actually wear it by itself.

Leave me a comment telling me what you've been using lately and tag #FOTF on instagram or twitter!

xo peachsbeauty