Monday, 9 September 2013

Review: Daiso Brush Cleanser

Daiso Sponge and Puff detergent is just one of the amazing things at the Japanese discount store. If you're not familiar, Daiso is a Japanese store where everything is AU$2.80. A lot of the things are awesome, most of the things you didn't even know you needed or existed and some of things don't quite cut it. So why is this brush cleanser so great? Because it cleans your brushes so well and effortlessly and leaves no residue what so ever. Let me explain..

How I use this:
1. Pour a small amount of product onto the dirty dry brush. Work this product into the brush until it's covered all the bristles.
2. Remove the excess product by squeezing the brush and you will notice your makeup coming off.
3. Create some foam by rinsing the brush with water and keep rinsing and squeezing out the product until you get clean running water.
Image 4 shows the difference between a dirty and clean brush. The clean brush doesn't feel oily, doesn't smell funny, doesn't dry stiff or seem to damage the bristles. 

I have also used this on puffs and more recently on sponges as I am discovering the amazing world of sponges for foundation application (another Daiso gem, but more about that on another post). It is especially good for sponges as I can work the product into the sponge with my fingers. Create some foam and rinse the sponge clean until the water was no longer frothy. Squeeze it dry with a towel and it can be used straight away. I imagine this would be perfect for the Beauty Blender but I don't actually own one (although everyone tells me I must) so I wouldn't know. 

Trust me guys, if you have a Daiso near you, run out and grab it. (I know lots of people have discovered this product already!) 

The details:
* Available at Daiso stores nationally (I think)
* $2.80


What do you like to wash your brushes with? (I hope I can convert you!)

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