Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Makeup Storage

Hello beautyloverrs!

I hope you're all doing well. I recently went to the new Ikea that opened up in Tempe, Sydney which is super close to my house and picked up some drawers to organise my makeup. My storage system is not fancy at all! It basically just keeps all my makeup compact and in one place but still accessible (at arms length) and easy to find or view what products I have. The storage featured in the video, and those similar, can be purchased from:
| Ikea
| Hot Dollar (or your local dollar store)
| Kmart
| Big W
| Target
| Officeworks

I say it's a makeup collection video as well but it's really not. You do see my collection just because I'm showing you how they are organised but I don't go through everything. If you want to see an actual makeup collection video, or part of the collection just let me know, otherwise I'm not going to do one simply because it's nothing to go crazy about...although I do love watching makeup collection videos lol.

xox have a great day!

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