Sunday, 26 August 2012

Review | Lust Have It July

Hi beauties,

You may or may not have noticed that I did not do an unboxing video for July's Lust Have It bag. That is because I felt like they were taking over my channel; they seemed to be the only videos I was doing and they were starting to get boring. So I have decided that I am going to do unboxing posts where I show what I received in the box and then a review post when I've tried all the products.

So, this is my review for the July Lust Have It bag, which was orange!

baby foot RRP $29.95
To be honest, I haven't actually tried this product yet. I feel like my feet are not as bad as those in the promotional images and the peeling stage also scared me a little bit. I am keen on trying the product and seeing how it works. It would be especially awesome to have baby feet to show off pretty sandals during the Summer so I may still try the foot pack next month in preparation for the warmer months! :)

matrix mix-in shine RRP $20.98 / 89mL
I quite like the way this shine serum makes my hair look and feel. It made my hair look shiny and feel smooth, however, I don't think it actually did anything to make my hair structure healthier. I don't think it hydrated my hair to make it look naturally shinier or contribute to making my hair smoother in terms of combating frizz and reducing breakage by making my hair stronger. I think on the surface it did a good job but I still prefer my CHI Silk Infusion as it also doubles as a thermal protector or Davroe Moisture Senses Argan Oil as I feel like it actually improves the quality of my hair.

mirenesse velvet lip lift moisture shine RRP $39.95 / 4.5g
I actually really like this lipgloss and I didn't think I would. I would have preferred the hollywood red shade shown on the image but I did like the colour that I received which was a mauve-y nude shade; more nude than mauve, like one of those your lips but better colours. Just something really natural that you can pull off with any look and I also liked pairing it on top of brighter lipsticks to tone it down a little bit during the day. I found it to be quite moisturising and very comfortable on the lips, so not sticky or kind of heavy and gloopy at all. It is fairly pigmented for a lipgloss and very shiny. I'm not sure what the 'lift' is about though .. Would I repurchase? Not for $40 unfortunately .. but I do know that Mirenesse often have promotions on. They also have this VIP club thing that I have been intrigued about for so long .. I am just waiting for that absolutely miracle product to push me over the line and make me just want to sign up for it .. haven't found it yet.

avene eluage firming gel RRP $30 / 15mL
avene rich compensating cream RRP $35.95 / 50mL
avene cold cream RRP $35.95 / 400mL
Firstly, I love Avene products. They work wonders for dry, especially sensitive skin and their products are fairly luxurious for something you can find at Chemist Warehouse. However, the samples provided by LHI are way too small to notice any significant difference. Collectively, I love the scent of Avene products. It's very pleasant and not chemical smelling, but it's not fruity or floral and definitely not scented with a fragrance.
I used the firming gel on the 'lines' on my forehead which I know are part dehydration-lines and part worry-lines (because I subconsciously wrinkle my forehead .. I can't help it. I do it without realising). I don't have any other major 'deep lines' so I can't really say exactly how effective or ineffective the product is. I think it's partly my fault because I did put ageing as one of my concerns, but I feel like it was very relevant to my needs. I did try it however and to me it was a very rich cream, but it was still comfortable and didn't feel heavy or thick on my skin. I didn't react negatively to it however I didn't notice results either. My lines might not be deep enough or I just didn't have enough product to use it for the length of time required. I would not repurchase as I don't feel like it's necessary.
I really liked the rich compensating cream as it was light, not runny, but still very moisturising and sunk into the skin very quickly which is good for when you're in a hurry and you need to put other layers on afterwards such as sunscreen and makeup. I would repurchase this product if my skin became dry again, which it usually does during Winter. I would consider purchasing this for my trip to NY in November.. when I would really want my skin to be nice and hydrated. I know I can trust this cream to do that without it being to heavy for day time use.
The cold cream was a little bit of a let down for me. It failed to keep my dry, scaly legs (gross!) moisturised throughout the day. Also, I was initially confused because I thought cold cream was used to remove makeup .. but I guess there are other purposes as well. The 10mL sample really only allowed me to do one leg so that was a bit of a fail on LHI's part. I personally prefer body creams to lotions as they are thicker and more moisturising which is what I really need to keep my scales at bay!

Those are my thoughts for the July Lust Have It bag! I'd love to know if you subscribe to any beauty boxes or have tried any of the products mentioned above and your thoughts! Leave me some love, speak soon. xo

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