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TalkBack Thursday: DIYs + Suga Scrub

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I have been very into DIYs lately. Everything from crafts to skincare to home decor, you name it. I have always been quite crafty and enjoy making this with my hands such as quilling, cross-stitching, knitting, etc. but I haven't had much time lately to participate in these fun activities. Instead, I have turned to DIY skincare which is a bit more productive and it's good to know exactly what ingredients you are putting onto your skin. So, I instagrammed/twittered this picture today - the only two ingredients you'll need for an amazing DIY homemade body scrub - oil + sugar!

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I use a mixture of extra virgin olive oil, grape seed oil and sunflower oil; sometimes using one, two or all three of the oils I have on hand. Other oils you can use are almond oil, extra virgin coconut oil and vegetable oil, but basically any oil that you have in your kitchen will do. I'm still experimenting with the  mixture to see if any one or combination of the oils provide more moisture for the skin, so I'll keep you updated.

I use brown sugar as it's gentle enough to be used on sensitive skin. Feel free to use regular white sugar, table salt or even sea salt for a more abrasive scrub. For a foot scrub, I would recommend using sea salt to really work the thicker skin on your soles.

I use a ratio of 1.5:1 oil to sugar as I do like my body scrubs a bit more oily, feel free to play with the ratio and be aware that this can vary from 1:1 to 2:1 just depending on the abrasive ingredient you use and how oily or 'scrubby' you prefer it to be.

1. I mix this concoction once a week to keep the ingredients fresh, but I would say it probably won't have trouble staying good for at least a month. Because I make such a small quantity at a time (only 9 tablespoons of oil to 6 of sugar) I just keep it in a ziplock sandwich bag. It's easier to mix as well - hold the opening closed/zipped and shake like a maraca.. to mix the sugar with the oil. As it's only for personal use, I'm not too fussed about appearances but if you're making it for someone else, just store it in a small glass jar, pop on a label and a ribbon and voila - amazing homemade gift. P.S. I do this about 2/3 times a week and my mixture will last at least a week.
2. Take a warm shower or bath. Scoop some product into your palm, not too much because it will just go flying everywhere and start rubbing on your skin. As a general rule - be gentle. I like to start on my knees for no particular reason. Then I move in small circular motions down towards my feet and then up onto my thighs, switch legs, both ass cheeks, torso, left elbow and arm, right elbow and arm - you get the gist. Finally I take some mixture and add some sea salt (that's when I remember to bring some into the bathroom with me) and do a bit of a foot scrub. PLEASE hold onto something for this! Or just sit on the floor when you're doing it. I know someone your talented folks are amazingly coordinated, unlike myself, but body scrub + tile floor/bath tub + one foot off the ground is a recipe for disaster. Just be careful.
3. Finally rinse off - and while you're doing that rinse the bath tub too and the handles and anything else you've touched. Unless your roommate likes having their balance tested on an oily surface when they get into the shower, this is just a considerate thing to do. I generally do a quick rinse because I like the 'oily' / moisturised feeling on my skin and it give a kind of glowing effect as well, like you just used one of Lush's massage bars. Bonus, no need to moisturise with a body lotion/butter. But if you don't like the feeling or you prefer to use a moisturiser with a nicer scent, then rinse a bit more thoroughly. Don't forget when you're drying yourself to just pat dry with the towel.

So that's as far as my beauty DIYs go. It is so easy, cheap, makes your skin feel amazing (bf approved) and I guarantee you will have everything you need. I have been doing a lot of research on recipe but have yet to put many into action..

I want to know all your DIY secrets! It can be crafty, beauty or home decor related - anything that can be handmade at home. Leave a comment with a link to a blogpost or video or simply just tell me in the comment itself.

Look forward to hearing all your wonderful ideas! xx 
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  1. This is a great DIY scrub! I have made some scrubs before but added a little honey to the mixture of sugar and oil to sort of "glue" the sugar mixture together. Thanks for the warning to be careful, I have definitely nearly slipped in the shower due to the oil in the scrub! I've also tried to DIY a sugar lip scrub but it got very messy and I gave up and bought Lush's lip scrub instead :P

    1. Honey's a great idea. I love the Lush lip scrubs!

      Thanks for reading (: xx

  2. I made this earlier this month and added honey too, and a little bit of lemon juice. I wish I could afford to go to LUSH every time for scrubs. I just love the smell of them!

  3. Me too, I LOVE Lush scrubs! I picked up THREE Sandy Santa's when it was on sale lol.


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