Friday, 7 October 2011

Five Fab Finds For Friday: Blushtastic

Hello Beautylovers!

I hope you are all doing well. It is time for my Five Fab Finds For Friday!!! This is basically where I tell you five products that I have been loving for the past week :) and this has been a blushtastic week! Let's get to it --

1. NYX Eyeshadow Trio in Nude/Taupe/Dark Brown TS03
5.99USD nt wt 0.162oz 4.6g 
-4 peachs-
Haha. Not the most original palette name but I think they're just the names of the eyeshadows which you can also get in as single shadows so if you only like one of the colours, or you only run out of one of the colours, just buy the single shadow. Pretty handy huh.
I have used this trio everyday this week to do a simple, everyday, neutral eye, perfect for uni and work. So yes that means I haven't gone out at all this week because the semester ends in two weeks so assignments are due and I can't wait to finish and PARTY! Haha not really, but I can't wait to finish. So right now I'm just UNI, WORK, BLOG. No time for crazy eye looks! The shadows are quite pigmented, I have always loved NYX shadows and are super good quality for the price. When swatched, they do look a bit chalky and powdery which was surprising to me because they do not come of like that at all on the eyes when applied with a brush. I tend to pat and then blend, if you're interested to know. There really isn't even any fallout either and especially with an eyeshadow primer there is none of that powderiness that you see in the swatch. The swatches on my hand are a much better indication of what they appear like on the lids - pigmented and pretty. Anyway, I love them and I have tonnes of other palettes from NYX but this is the one I have been loving for this week.

2. Bourjois 10 Hour Sleep Effect Foundation in 72
1 fl oz 30mL
-4 peachs-
I LOVE Bourjois foundations in general. This one is super light, gives light to buildable medium coverage, and is so easy to blend. It's a dream to apply. It's supposed to be Vitamin E, F, B5 and Mineral enriched (I'm just ready this from the bottle). But basically it has tiny sparkles in it which are hardly detectable until you go in really close (so no twilight effects here dears) but which I assume just really wakes up your complexion and brings life into your skin, hence the name 10 Hour Sleep Effect (which is deceiving because for me sleeping for more than 8 hrs makes to feel worse than if I didn't sleep at all .. haha). It dries semi-matt meaning it's pretty matte, but not dead looking matte. It doesn't dry sticky, you probably don't need to set this if you don't want to (but setting for me is like applying mascara for some people, I just can't not do it. It's not right :o). I really like this foundation for everyday, especially right now when I'm sacrificing sleep to get through uni (and to blog of course <3)

3. Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick Compact in Nectar
nt wt 0.4oz 10.3g
-4 peachs-
I love BB's Shimmer Brick Compacts (and although there have been some quite good drugstore copycats, BB's sleep black packaging is just so nice...suck me in everytime. The big mirrors also handy).  It's the first swatch on the right (sorry about the backwardness) and so it's a really pretty simmering light metallic coral blush. Quite pretty ;) So gorgeous on the cheeks especially for pale skintones.

4. Milani Baked Powder Blush in Corallina
6.99USD nt wt 0.12oz 3.5g
-5 peachs-
OMGOSH This is so super duper pretty! It's ridiculous how brilliant it makes your cheeks glow like a lovely flushed blushing redish pink. It's so gorgeous I can't even explain myself. It looks matte in the swatch I have no idea why (my swatches are just failing you today -sad face-) but on your cheeks it's like that colour but with a glowy healthy sheen. These blushes are super pigmented so a little goes a LONG way, use a LIGHT hand. Seriously, haha. I think I own all the colours ... except for Bellissimo Bronze which is a shimmery bronze which would just no way work with my skintone (or if I don't have all of them, I WANT all of them!).

5. MAC Semi-Precious Rose Quartz MSF
nt wt o.22 oz 6.5g
-4 peachs-
This is one of my first MSF's and I love it's glowiness. I have been majorly coveting the healthy glowy cheeks this week - if you couldn't tell already (I think to aid my Bourjois 10 Hour Sleep Effect Foundation in helping me look awake and alert haha) and I love that this has the blush shade on the outer rim and a highlight shade in the centre. I do usually swirl my brush in the whole pan to mix the two and create the shimmery pale pinky peach shade (sort of a dusted rose) but I do also love them separately. I do find that the shimmers are chunkier than the other two blushes but this isn't too noticeable until you get close up and I did only find this when I was swatching it. I also want to try MAC's Soft and Gentle MSF...any thoughts anyone?

That's it for my Five Fab Finds For Friday! I hope you enjoyed. I know I ramble ... please comment if you hate my rambling long posts or if you're a fellow rambler! haha. Either way be sure to check back soon for Skincare Sunday where I shall be reviewing a new skincare love - Liz Earle's Cleanse and Polish. Can't wait to tell you guys all about it!

xox be beautiful!


  1. I got Milani's Luminoso on a swap and I'm amazed by the quality of the blush.. It's gorgeous! Coralina looks like an amazing shade!

  2. Thanks for commenting :)

    I lurrrve the Milani blushes! No words can explain haha. Luminoso is gorgeous.

    Xox p


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