Wednesday, 12 October 2011


Just a quick short post today as I have to do a speech about an article tomorrow ... and I haven't finished reading the article!

Nail of the Day
+ OPI Pinking of you

Outfit of the Day
+ dark navy blue jacket with funky shoulders
+ Temt dress with belt | blue top grey bottom
+ grey opened toed short heels
+ grey and light pink scarf
+ Coach pink bag (i love it)

 {jacket goes off}          {jacket goes on}

{now accessorise}

& minimum makeup since my skin's going through something of a rough patch :(

don't forget to check back tomorrow for Thrifty Thursday!
- priceline - Big W -

xox much love


  1. Hi! found your blog on adorebeauty, very cute blazer/jacket!

  2. Hi Kerri! Thanks for your comment :) I think it was super cheap too which is always a bonus haha.
    Have a great day!
    xox p


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