Tuesday, 18 October 2011


Hi everybody! I have been so slack in my recent posts/lack of posts. I am so sorry! My final assignment for this semester/this year is due on Thursday night and then after that I'm all yours! (yours ... and then three jobs that I have :p)

Outfit of the day
for uni
(and I had two exams today)

+ Avacado light grey maxi dress
+ Pol orange knit shirt
+ rubi black flat shoes
(which are not shown here because I'm asian and we take our shoes off at the door ..
haha I kid. it's because I was lazy)

This was my first ever attempt at photoshopping. I just changed the lighting and added a logo. I didn't do anything to my face I swear! haha. I just had to change the lighting because the image was so yellow and it was a new camera lens so I didn't really know what was happening .. anyway. Apologies if it is off :(

Tutorial for this look (which I don't think you can see...) will be up asap :)
I was going for a fun, sparkly, feel good look because I had studied hard for my exams and I just wanted to do something to relax

xox i order you to smile. now.

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